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Warrant Canary


Warrant Canary是一种反声明,指在收到来自政府的执法请求时合法对外声明这一事件的发生的一种方式。


Warrant Canary正是为了解决这一目的而设计的。

在常态下,Shugetsu Soft会定期发布我们的Warrant Canary,以声明过去我们未曾执行过来自政府或情报部门的保密调查请求。

如果这类事件发生,我们会放弃发布Warrant Canary。如果政府部门强制要求我们继续发布,其中声明未曾配合的语句将有可能会被移除。



我们的Warrant Canary会在每年定期发布,日期误差不应超过一个月。

每一份Warrant Canary都会以一个特殊的PGP密钥对签名。该密钥对由Matrew File(Shugetsu Soft的法律代理人)保管。

每一份Warrant Canary都会包含一个“日期证明”,通常是当时最新的、有着10个确认的比特币区块高度信息和其Hash值。这一证明用于保证该Warrant Canary的签署日期没有造假,且没有人预先制作一系列Warrant Canary以遮蔽用户。


尽管有上述措施保证,我们依然无法避免Warrant Canary被伪造(特别是来自情报部门,可能的手法如暴力胁迫签署者、入侵签署者电脑等)。

Warrant Canary不承诺任何保证服务透明度的法律义务,也不与Shugetsu Soft有任何法律关联。


Hash: SHA512

This is Shugetsu Soft's Warrant Canary.

## Statements
Shugetsu Soft states the following:

1. The date of issue of this canary is {date}.

2. A dedicated key identity (holds by Matrew File, the legal representative the Shugetsu Soft) is used to sign this canary. Its ID is `0xDD36B201` and its fingerprint is

`E1FB E257 9698 2E89 EE7D 17C8 DC37 53FD DD36 B201`

The key can be found on the Ubuntu keyserver.

3. No warrant of any kind have ever been served to any law enforcement departments or governments from the Shugetsu Soft team before the time this canary published.

4. The next such canary statement is planned to be published before June, 2024. Special note should be taken if no new canary gets published by that time, or if the list of statements change without plausible explanation.

## Disclaimers & Notes
This scheme is not infallible. Although signing the declaration makes it very difficult for a third party to produce arbitrary declarations, it does not prevent them from using force, or other means like blackmail, or compromise of the signers' laptops, to coerce us to produce false declarations.

The newest bitcoin block with 10 confirmation together with hash below (Proof of Date) serves to demonstrate that this canary could not have been created prior to the date stated. It shows that a series of canaries were not created in advance.

This declaration is merely a best effort and provided without any guarantees, warranty, and is not legally binding in any way to anybody.  None of the signers should be ever held legally responsible for any of the statements made here.

## Proof of Date
As of January 27th and 08:40 (UTC), the newest block height with 10 confirmation is 827596 with its hash `00000000000000000001bb67ce78b57401324dad8f8168424905d1a6f52ecf45` generated from the Merkle root `8df91132c73d9260f627e39ab63d137dcd42de377c2eea9babe1c1defa71a823`.